Swag for College Tradeshows

Swag for College Trade Shows

If you’ll be exhibiting at a college tradeshow, we have just the list items to hand out to make your school stand above the competition. Pro-tip: the lighter the better. You don’t want to hand out something bulky or heavy that the recipient will have to lug around for hours!

Stylus Pens

Upgrade their pen with the BIC® Clic Stic® Stylus Pen. Perfect for taking notes on paper, but also has a stylus tip to be used on laptops and cell phones.

Tote Bags

Custom tote bags are a great giveaway at trade shows. The attendees will receive a number of giveaways at the event, so help them out with a reusable tote bag with your school’s branding. Want to upgrade from the standard tote? Let’s make it a foldable tote!

Hand Sanitizer

Let’s face it, most people will be handing out hand sanitizer at shows now a days. Let’s stand above the crowd with a Duo Bottle Sanitizer + SPF 15 Lip Balm with Carabiner. These are the perfect trade show giveaway with the carabiner attachment so they can clip them to their purses, backpacks, etc. And with a full-color label on both the sanitizer and lip balm, your brand will really stand out. ;

2021-08-05 16:42:00