Multi Use PPE products

Multi Use PPE products

PPE is in high demand for colleges and universities. Even with vaccines rolling out, custom face masks will most likely not go anywhere until at least Fall 2021!

At Campus Stop, we believe in suggesting promotional items that not only stand out, but also have a long life of use for your recipients! That’s why we’ve put together some PPE related products that will be able to be used now, and also in the (hopefully near) future once health restrictions lessen!

Custom Mask Lanyards

Mask lanyards are super helpful when it comes to keeping your face mask close at hand! However, once the need for masks decreases, these lanyards can also be used as an everyday key loop or name tag holder! Full color printing allows you to create a design that students will want to keep in their daily rotation!

Custom Mask pouches

There is nothing worse than digging through your (not always clean) backpack or purse trying to find your face mask! With our custom full color neoprene mask pouches, lost and dirty masks will be a thing of the past! And in the future when masks are no longer needed, this makes the perfect pencil case - or travel accessory bag! (Who isn’t excited to finally be able to travel)!

Paper Soap

Keeping your hands clean should always be a priority - especially during Covid! Remove the soap sheets with dry hands and just add water. The paper soap is stored in a hard plastic flip-top case that is easy to take on the go. Essential to have during a pandemic, but also great to have on hand at concerts, on airplanes, and in dorm room bathrooms… Once things open up again, of course!

Antimicrobial Socks

What’s better than dress socks? Antimicrobial dress socks! We’ve taken one of our classics and given it a Covid-friendly spin. With over 100 stock colors, and 6 colors per design your design possibilities are endless! Plus, antimicrobial and feet are two words that always make a good combination - no matter what’s going on in the World!

Touch find - touch tool and bluetooth finder

We love a good two-in-one tool! The TouchFind is a combination key finder and touch-free tool. It uses Bluetooth® wireless technology to help locate and remember important items, like your keys. At the same time, TouchFind keeps your hands from touching common public surfaces to reduce the transmission of germs. Use it to open doors, push buttons and do the dirty work for you! Keep it on your keyring in the future to never lose those dorm room keys again!

Have something else in mind? Simply let us know a little bit about your event and budget. The campus Stop team is happy to put together items that will stay with your students and staff for months to come!

5 months ago