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It's 2019, and students want to choose how they show school spirit. With our Tech Stickers they'll be able to brand anything they want: from smartphones to water bottles! Unlike traditional stickers, Tech Stickers are made with an ultra-removable adhesive, which allows you to move them from your laptop to your notebook depending on how you're feeling that day. Each full color sticker sheet is cut with custom images and to custom sizes, so you can show off every school logo all on one perfect giveaway.

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Color Chart

Wondering why you see a color chart?

Each of our products are actually made from scratch for each order so they can be made in any color. Want to learn more about how we can do this? Click here for more information.



QUANTITY 500 1000 2500 5000 10000
SMALL (9″ x 3.75″) $3.90 $2.25 $1.35 $1.00 $0.80
LARGE (9″ x 12″) $5.10 $3.30 $2.50 $2.15 $1.90


PRICE INCLUDES Full color removable stickers, clear or white vinyl material
SIZES Ask us about our size options!
DELIVERY TIME 7-10 working days