All of the products shown below are made to order and come color matched to your school's exact colors. We understand the value of your school's branding so we design each and every product we make to comply with your school's brand guidelines!

  • Alumni Sunglasses

    Classic, sleek and mature, the Alumni sunglasses bring a whole new standard to our line of sunglasses. These classic shades are perfect for homecoming, alumni events or any event where you want to leave a lasting mark. With the ability to color match exactly to your school’s color, these new sunglasses change the definition of cool!
  • Ambassador Set

    Introducing the most sophisticated gift set for students, alumni and faculty: The Campus Stop Ambassador Set. This gift package contains an 80 page lined journal, an executive style ball point pen and a portable power bank — all neatly displayed in a 2-piece box set. Print university seals, organizational logos or departmental marks! Whether it is a graduation gift or rewarding faculty, Let us help you gift your school with a touch of class
  • Baby Socks

    The most adorable giveaway for your current and soon-to-be students; Baby Socks! These mini socks can be color matched exactly to your school's colors and come FREE with a full-color hang tag and rubber grippies on the bottoms of the socks.
  • Cord Keepers

    We've all faced the frustration of tangled headphones and charging cables. Keep your cords tidy with our handy Cord Keepers! Simply neatly wrap your cords, and then secure them within the folding silicone with snaps. These nifty tech accessories are fully customizable - print your school mascot, motto or anything on either side in full color.
  • Full Color Pouches

    Pouches are the most versatile product for your next event!
    Whether your students need a pouch to hold their laptop, textbook, or spare change, we have a color matched pouch for you! Fully customizable pouches from Campus Stop ensure students stay organized yet stylish. Our pouches come in 3 unique sizes: small, medium and large, with options to add a gusset for additional storage. Plus, you can print anywhere on the front and back of the pouch at no additional charge.
  • No-Show Socks

    The most comfortable sock for your school's next giveaway; No Show Socks! These socks are color matched exactly to your school's logo and colors, and are woven with your exact design for a giveaway guaranteed to be seen (or not) around campus. Together with their full customization and five colors included, they make every event a hit with students and alumni alike.
  • Sunglasses

    The valedictorian, quarterback, and class president of sunglasses. Made from scratch with your school's colors, these sunglasses come with unlimited design options. Let your school spirit shine while fighting the sunshine with Campus Stop's retail quality sunglasses.
  • Ear Cover Beanies

    Keep your students warm this winter with our color matched Ear Cover Beanies! This one size fits all beanie snugs to your head and comfortably covers your ears. These beanies come with a pom-pom and tassels at no additional cost! Perfect for tailgates, games or just walking around campus!
  • Drawstring Bags

    This is America! And in America you should be able to design a drawstring bag anyway you want! That is the dream! Campus Stop is making that dream a reality with our drawstring bags. Put your school's logo or design anywhere you want. The entire bag is your canvas! And we don't stop there. We will color match the string colors to your school's colors.
  • Spirit Bands

    Looking for a product that really shows some school spirit? Well, go with Campus Stops' Spirit Band. I mean spirit is right in the name folks. Cranking out spirit in over ten different ways, the Spirit Band can be used as a rally towel, beanie, wristband, headband, scarf, facemask and more! Made from scratch with your design anywhere you like, spirit never came in an easier form.
  • All-American Wrap

    Whether you’re on the field or in the stands, the All-American Wrap is the perfect product for your next event. Our wraps are full color and double sided, so you can double your school spirit. The wraps fit snugly on your head and ties on at the back.
  • Aviator Sunglasses

    A timeless style, Aviators bring a whole new standard to our line of shades. They are perfect for new student orientation, sporting events, homecoming and much more. Let your school spirit shine while fighting the sunshine with Campus Stop's retail quality sunglasses.
  • PopSockets

    Pop it! Sock it! Okay, but what is a PopSocket? Students across campus have these multifunctional gadgets attached to their phones. Pop them out for better leverage to snap the perfect selfie, or use them as a stand while watching Netflix. Just beware of copycats peddling knock offs - there's only one authentic PopSocket manufacturer. We're stocking black, white, and aluminum options, all ready for your customization. Print your school mascot, logo, club name or sports team motto onto one of these useful tech accessories. Then watch as your school branding is displayed on phones across campus!
  • Dress Socks

    In a world where boring stock colored socks reign supreme, a group of color matched socks have banned together to bring school spirit to your feet. Meet the league of Campus Stop Sock; The Dress Sock, Athletic Sock, Knee High and Ankle Sock. Together with their full customization and five colors included, they make every event a hit with students and alumni alike. Add their sidekick the sock box for added value.
  • Club Sunglasses

    The new kid on campus has never looked better! Introducing, Club Sunglasses: classic shades perfect for new-student orientation, sporting events, homecoming and much more. With the ability to print any design, logo or color on both the frame and arms, the customization possibilities for these sunglasses are endless!
  • Tech Wallets

    If students are going to take their phones out during class, they might as well have your school's colors on their phones. Perfect for credit cards and school IDs, the tech wallet keeps cards nice and secure in color matched silicone. Whether a student is walking through the halls sending a text or taking their phone out to cheat on their final, they will be doing it with spirit.
  • Beanies

    As the temperature drops, keep your spirit up with color matched beanies from Campus Stop. The perfect addition to any winter event, our beanies come with the option to add a cuff or pompom for an extra touch of school spirit.
  • Mittens

    Make sure your students are prepared this winter with color matched mittens! Our mittens are matched exactly to your school colors with unique jacquard options and custom add-ons. These mittens are sure to keep those fingers warm and last you for winters to come!