Fall Interviews

Interview with College Students: Best College Swag for In-School and Online Learning

We got an exclusive interview with two college students. One student is completely learning online (and, to their dismay, at home with their parents), and the other is living on campus going to class in person. We've come up with the best college swag to get you through school whether you are working online or at home. Living at home with your parents? Stuck in a dorm room with noisy roommates? Teaching from home? We’ve got you covered for all of the best custom college gear you’ll need in a snap!

Webcam covers : Custom Webcam Covers with backer card

Custom webcam covers are an essential college swag product for after online classes and zoom meetings! These are made from fabric to avoid screen damage!

College Student 1: Online-Classes “The webcam covers are perfect because I need to keep myself from doing embarrassing things on accident in front of my whole zoom class! It’s the perfect college swag because it’s functional and fun!”

College Student 2: In-Person Classes “Even though I am in class, I do a lot of homework at home. These custom webcam covers are perfect for protecting my privacy! I love the fabric so when I shut the lid there is no damage to the screen and the lid closes perfectly.”

SkyPods: Custom Wireless Earbuds

Custom power banks are the perfect way to keep all of your tech charged and organized!

College Student 1: Online-Classes “I don’t love living at home but I do love my custom earbuds! They are perfect for when I need to get up and stretch, but still need to keep listening to lectures online. It’s also nice for drowning out my siblings being loud in the background!”

College Student 2: College Student 2: In-Person Classes “I love these university branded headphones! I can move around campus all day and conveniently charge them on-the-go and use them when I get home too!”

Smart Charge Power Bank: Custom charger with dual action charging

Custom headphones are the perfect way to drown out background noise while you’re at home studying, logged into a zoom meeting, or out and about! Bluetooth capability makes it easy to stay tangle-free for all of those hectic moments!

College Student 1: Online-Classes “My custom power bank is so amazing! It allows me to charge multiple things at once which is awesome because the last thing I need is my computer or phone dying mid-class!”

College Student 2: In-Person Classes “I was so excited to receive my custom charger because it allows me to charge multiple things at once! This is so important because I am always multitasking and always on-the-go.”

Blue-Light Blocking Glasses: Custom blue-light blockers

Custom blue-light blocking glasses are the perfect way to keep students and teachers protected from staring at a screen for hours! Helps with eye-strain, headaches, and better sleep!

College Student 1: Online-Classes "I didn't know what my life was missing until I got these glasses! It makes reading the screen so much easier since I never have a break now that classes are online! I don't get my afternoon headache anymore!"

College Student 2: In-Person Classes "I don't take classes online but I am always working from the computer! These really help for those late-night studying sessions and with getting better sleep afterwards!"

11 months ago