2021 Trends

2021 Trends that will increase your marketing performance

Wondering what’s hot in 2021? See below for what’s been trending in the collegiate market.


Tie-dye is making a comeback! Yes, it’s true. And what does every college kid need? New apparel, of course. So why not give them both! We suggest the Charles River Crosswind Quarter Zip Tie-Dye Jacket for a more modern and trendy look to stand out of the crowd.


Stuck in the city and need to give your students a little more green? Check out these Mini Campfire Mug Blossom Kits to give a little hint of the outdoors to their dorm room. Each kit comes packaged in a cheerful kraft gift box which contains a mini campfire mug planter, seed packet, peat pellet, and planting instructions.


With many colleges and universities remaining virtual, or partly virtual, that means increased time your students will be stuck in front of a screen instead of being in a lecture hall or classroom. To help with that problem, we recommend ordering custom blue-light blocking glasses to help reduce the strain caused by the screen’s blue-light on your student’s eyes. Plus, these glasses can be color-matched to your school’s colors, which will make your Marketing & Branding Teams smile :)

21 day ago