Safety & Compliance

Campus Stop is one of the only promotional marketing agencies to have a Product Safety and Compliance Director on staff - establishing processes, training our team, driving imports and requiring manufacturers to meet all standards for product accountability. Campus Stop is accountable to our clients and to the consumer for the safety of the product we provide and the environment of the manufacturers of that product. Every project adheres to strict corporate, social, and product safety regulations. Our systems and processes create uniformity and consistency so that each person working on a project can follow our code of behavior.

An essential component in Campus Stops’ business code of conduct standards is relationships and associations with trustworthy resources for testing, auditing, and compliance standards. Campus Stop Quality Management Team uses multiple approaches to examine and evaluate suppliers:

  • Rely on our own expertise, experience, and savvy
  • Partner with objective 3rd party testing organizations
  • Audit through supply chain experts
  • Work with certified and proven suppliers
  • Personally visit factories for on-site review and observation
  • Client approved resources

To fulfill our supply chain compliance responsibilities for labor management, human rights, and environmental performance, we adhere to the PPAI Code of Conduct.